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MotionTools updates delivery business software and introduces 999€/mo “Pro” plan.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The software solution enables courier and delivery businesses in industries such as moving and heavy-item transportation, deliveries for local retail and subscription businesses as well as last-mile and shopping butler startups to accelerate their business.

CEO & Founder Patrick Arle explains: „The prevailing coronavirus pandemic has exposed the significance of intuitive and dependable delivery services all over the world. To answer the growing demand of end-to-end software, our engineering team has implemented powerful and versatile features which help delivery operators and marketplaces to streamline their business processes.“

Encompassing white-label apps for drivers and customers as well as powerful dispatching and management dashboards MotionTools Delivery Software (2499€/month) allows delivery businesses to integrate a state-of-the-art brand experience from ordering to fulfillment while advanced features such as multi-stop route planning and automatic invoice creation help increase operational efficiency.

For the first time, MotionTools is releasing a second Software-As-A-Service plan which allows delivery businesses to operate a ready-to-scale business with software expenses of 999€ per month. CMO, Johannes Schubert highlights: „A three digit price tag next to the extensive list of features of our Pro plan is a breakthrough moment in our corporate strategy to enable local businesses all over the world to enter the new normal of the digital-first delivery economy.“

In order to fulfill this promise, MotionTools has allocated engineering capacity into the seamless onboarding of software-as-a-service tenants. CTO Chris Olszowka explains. „With our delivery software launching or relaunching IT including apps and dashboards is no longer a mammoth task. Our team of backend, frontend and mobile engineers has enabled our customers to have their software stack ready for launch very rapidly.“

About MotionTools.

The transportation technology headquartered in Hamburg (Germany) partners with corporates, startups and SMBs all over the world. Beyond providing end-to-end delivery software solutions from mobile apps and dashboards to custom integrations, MotionTools offers launch and growth consulting services as well as in-house agency support in disciplines such as business intelligence, digital marketing as well as branding and design.

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