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The Webbooker is a portal for customers to create and manage their bookings in a self-serving way.

Create bookings as a customer
Track progress of your requests
Manage your profile and past bookings


The Dashboard is the place for business builders and managers to adjust the settings, onboarding the workforce and invite their customers

Setup of your business, service areas, pricing etc.
Management of your entire user base
Access to developer tools, support & extensions


The Dispatcher allows you to see all incoming bookings and assign them to the right drivers as well as track the status of your operations.

See all incoming bookings and outgoing tours
Track the status of tasks and drivers
Set preferred drivers & assign individual tasks

Tour builder

The Tour builder is a set of features that allows a Dispatcher to bundle multiple incoming tasks into optimized tours before handing it over to the workforce.

Fast and easy bundling with 1-click
Merge features with previews and upfront metrics
Build optimized tours with many stops

Driver app

The Driver app helps drivers to organize their work efficiently and inform customers as well as dispatchers automatically about their progress and document their results

Easy access to the upcoming tasks
Instantly start navigating to the next stop
Quick update of the task status & collect proof of completion

Custom content

Adding individualized, structured content into the mobile app by utilizing Custom content and actions, including Barcode scanning & Age verification

Structured content to explain tasks for drivers
Various content types are supported such as checklists, weblinks etc.
Content can be set on a per booking basis via API


Custom Capabilities to reflect the characteristics of your business and to differentiate between job types towards customers or internally


Custom Metadata for individualized integrations


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