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MotionTools is empowering business builders to launch and scale market-leading transportation services.
Founded in
in Hamburg, Germany
Powering services in
100+ cities
around the world
We processed
2M+ deliveries
last month
An introduction by our founder

Stop building things from scratch.

Our mission is to empower business builders with easily adoptable and highly adaptable transportation technology.

I am seeing it everywhere I look in our industry: Countless hours of engineering talent are being wasted to build transportation services from scratch. Yet in times of a highly-competitive economy, companies should be focusing on their uniqueness rather than re-inventing the wheel.

As the world keeps spinning faster, I believe that companies can no longer afford to get locked into inflexible and expensive standard software – or spend hour after hour maintaining hard-to-integrate on-premise systems.

Over the last five years, our team has built up a new generation of cloud platform for transportation businesses that helps companies to overcome everyday operational inefficiencies and pursue service differentiation.

MotionTools represents the most empowering “building kit for transportation services” (Business Insider) accelerating the launch of a great variety of transportation services.

By providing market-leading flexibility, wide-reaching developer support, and record-breaking scalability, MotionTools enables companies to focus on the qualities that make their service truly relevant to their local audience and thrive in a world in motion.

Patrick, Founder & CEO


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Company milestones

Our journey has only begun.

We are committed to building up a 100y company.
And we don’t waste a minute doing it.


“Building companies. Driving the future.” M‑TRIBES is founded to help create new ventures. We kickstart Now.Delivery and understand the need for flexible transportation software.


Together with BMW Group, we launch the ‘private car-sharing service’ MINI Sharing. We invest the profits from our agency operations into building up an in-house technology platform.


Our bootstrapped platform launches as M‑TOOLS. Business Insider labels it a “building kit for transportation services“. We celebrate our first paying SaaS customer. 🚀


The lockdown kicks in and global demand for delivery software is rising. We’ve got the features for the 10 minute grocery model, the platform traction and raise a seed round.


The year of q-commerce & last-mile delivery ... We focus 100% of our efforts on “empowering business builders with easily adoptable and highly adaptable transportation technology”.


We power millions of deliveries every month. Our global team comes together physically to celebrate our achievements. We rebrand to MotionTools® – Technology for a world in motion.


The world’s most empowering technology platform is running thousands of different types of transportation services. Which business will you have built with MotionTools?

Authentication & Verification

Demand & Supply APIs

Notification Engine

Booking Logic

Intelligent Matching

Telematics Integration

Products & Pricing Services

Payments & Billing Services


For builders. By builders.

Connect with the people behind the MotionTools® platform.

Patrick Arle
Founder & CEO
Hannah Fuhrmann
Head of People
Marian-Maximilian Martens
Co-Founder & CRO
Christoph Olszowka
Chief Technology Officer
Johannes Schubert
Chief Marketing Officer
Patrick Arle
Founder & CEO
Hannah Fuhrmann
Head of People
Marian-Maximilian Martens
Co-Founder & COO
Christoph Olszwoka
Chief Technology Officer
Johannes Schubert
Chief Marketing Officer

A building kit for services that move the world.

MotionTools provides transportation businesses with highly adaptable technology setups.

From Apps to API. MotionTools allows to customizesoftware setups for modern transportation operations.
Why MotionTools?
1 platform. 1000 business models.

10 minute grocery delivery, logistics-as-a-service or vehicle servicing? MotionTools powers leading operators of a diversity of business models. To make getting started easy, we offer templates available for a wide range of industries and always provide a free trial.

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Flexibility to accelerate the future.

Go way beyond white-labeling software or choosing custom dispatching parameters. MotionTools is an easy-to-integrate cloud platform that empowers your company to launch customized software in record time and scale up your operations with maximum cost-efficiency.

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Your success is our business.

MotionTools provides admins with instant chat support built right into its product, so you are never stuck. Our extensive API docs help your business understand and apply the power of our platform in unique ways and unlock your full business potential.

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