Transportation technology provider M‑TRIBES rebrands cloud platform to “MotionTools®”

Thursday, May 5, 2022
The cloud platform powers businesses in categories such as grocery delivery, quick commerce and logistics-as-a-service.

In an effort to streamline interactions with its global customer base, as well as to maximize efficiency when scaling up marketing communications, the technology company has announced to change the name of its cloud platform (formerly M‑TOOLS) and its overall brand (formerly M‑TRIBES) to MotionTools®.

Patrick Arle, Founder & CEO said: “By updating our brand, we underline our ambition to empower business builders with easily adoptable and highly adaptable transportation technology.”

Motion” expresses the strategic positioning of the cloud platform.

As “motion” is often associated with the expression “setting something in motion”, the new name  resonates with the innovative spirit that unites MotionTools software customers. Startups, SMEs as well as corporates of a great variety of industries leverage the cloud platform to build up independent businesses or update efficiency of their existing everyday operations with customized software.

In the world of physics, “motion” expresses the change of location of objects as well as people over time. Johannes Schubert, Chief Marketing Officer at MotionTools explains that “this generic term allows MotionTools to claim the strategic positioning as an ‘use-case-agnostic’ transportation technology platform”.

Building on its unique adaptability, MotionTools is offering a wide range of easy-to-implement “industry templates” – configurations of the platform that meet the requirements of specific business models such as:

  • Instant grocery, pharmacy, materials and food delivery
  • Logistics-as-a-service and Last-mile-delivery
  • Package delivery and inner-city courier businesses
  • Servicing of shared mobility fleets

New name expands on existing brand identity.

Schubert (CMO) highlights that the new name builds on existing brand equity.

“MotionTools derives from our established tagline ‘Technology for a world in motion’. We are excited that with the new name, this genuine purpose of our team is rooted not only in our go-to-market activities but also in our very product.”

About MotionTools

A building kit for services that move the world.

MotionTools is the cloud platform that provides driver apps, dispatching dashboards and further building blocks to empower companies to move goods efficiently.

Processing over 2 million bookings per month, MotionTools powers best-in-class services such as Flink, Fastdrop and Greenway.

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