eCabs and MotionTools offer technology bundle for ride-hailing and last-mile delivery that empowers independent operators in Europe and Northern Africa to expand their business.

Malta, Hamburg
Monday, August 2, 2021
Matthew Bezzina (left), CEO of eCabs and Patrick Arle (right), CEO of MotionTools

The founders of eCabs, the market-leading ride-hailing operator in Malta and MotionTools, a Germany-based software provider for mobility and logistics businesses recently announced to extend their technology partnership and offer a unique bundle of ride-hailing and delivery software and services.

Following their collaboration on creating Fastdrop, eCabs' last-mile delivery-as-a-service platform, the two companies will optimise the utilisation of their workforce and assets to market eCabs' fully IP-owned ride-hailing platform, as well as the joint FastDrop delivery technology.

"The Last Mile segment is riddled with opportunities, but also the hardest part of the supply chain to crack and both organisations are steadily aligned on a vision. By combining the expertise of our teams in transport software and operations, we are able to fast track the deployment of our products and power independent operators in both spaces of ride hailing and last mile within the EMEA region, helping to expand their business in a sustainable and market proven manner" explain the CEOs of eCabs, Matthew Bezzina and MotionTools, Patrick Arle.

For eCabs the extended partnership marks an important step forward on its company's journey defined by the hard work of providing 24-7 ride-hailing operations for more than 11 years, as well as intelligent investments that have enabled the Malta-based operator to defend the market-leader position in the highly-competitive ride-hailing space in the region. Having built up a powerful technology setup that has been tested in the road dense local market, eCabs is now taking a bold step on the path of going international, with an integrated mobility solution.

eCabs has been working since 2020 with MotionTools as part of its long-term mobility vision to move into 3rd party logistics with the launch of FastDrop to specifically service the last mile and middle mile segment in Malta. FastDrop is poised to overhaul the local last mile market through B2B partnerships, with the aim of bridging the gap and improving last mile services and consumer communications, with timely delivery in the local and foreign eCommerce space.

A fruitful business relationship quickly emerged after the companies started collaborating at the height of the pandemic. To develop the FastDrop platform, like-minded professionals from both companies in the field of product development and technology worked on the existing and powerful MotionTools platform MotionTools, enhanced it through the added operational expertise that eCabs boasts.

Offering speed and Flexibility when launching software for transportation services, MotionTools allows to configure cloud and mobile apps for a wide range of use cases, including as same-hour delivery and 3rd party logistics with a special focus on last mile services, free-floating & station-based sharing of cars and scooters as well as fleet maintenance.

MotionTools founding partners Patrick Arle and Marian-Maximilian Martens recently met with eCabs founding partners Matthew Bezzina and Andrew Bezzina in Malta to discuss details of the MOU.

Matthew Bezzina, eCabs CEO concludes. “The synergies between M‑TRIBES and eCabs are strongly rooted in a great personal understanding as well as a technology first culture. This is an important step for us in that we can look at accelerating our international aspirations to see our ride hailing technology landing in other large and respectable European markets, whilst we keep on investing in the FastDrop product to build it into an unrivaled brand. The more we look overseas, the more we see exciting opportunities that are there for the taking. We are very excited by the prospects that this great understanding with Patrick, Marian and the M‑TRIBES team brings with it”,

In order to exploit the full potential of their partnership an understanding between the two organizations has grown such that eCabs and M‑TRIBES are investing on two new areas of their collaboration. Whereas MotionTools is planning to refocus its ambitions in the ride-hailing segment to resell the eCabs technology, FastDrop by eCabs becomes MotionTools principal business partner for product and business development in the Last and Middle Mile Delivery category.

MotionTools CEO, Patrick Arle highlights the like mindedness in both aspirations and work ethic the companies share. “We are very excited to be expanding our partnership with eCabs. Our companies have developed a mutual understanding on many levels and we both share the believe that the combination of our offering fits like a glove to the needs of independent operators. Together with eCabs we now look forward to build up bigger international opportunities quicker than we both could have before. Wrapping up our offer of ride-hailing and delivery technology will advantage local and independent operators to thrive in times of massive change of the transportation industry."

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