MotionTools expands MINI Sharing operations together with BMW Group.

Monday, July 29, 2019
The MINI Sharing mobile app for iOS and Android.

Hamburg based technology company MotionTools launched a private car sharing service together with BMW group in Madrid. Now the service is expanding to more cities in Europe together with new features inside of the MINI Sharing app.

MINI Sharing is an accessory service for MINI owners that allows the sharing of access to their car with family or friends using the MINI Sharing smartphone app. The service was piloted in Madrid, Spain in 2018 and is now being expanded to more cities, such as Barcelona. MotionTools is providing BMW group with the necessary mobile apps and software that enables keyless access to MINIs that have been retrofitted with a BMW telematics module.

“We’re proud to have piloted such an innovative service together with BMW group and the response from the market has been great. We’re now looking forward to bringing the service to more MINI markets and to further evolve the app to make the experience of sharing a MINI even more seamless for our users”, said Patrick Arle, Founder and CEO at MotionTools.

The MINI Sharing smartphone app is regularly being updated and it now includes more features aimed at MINI owners that want to use the keyless access feature instead of their car keys. “Owners that got MINI Sharing for the purpose of sharing their car liked the keyless access feature so much, that the demand has been high to make this feature even more easy to use for owners themselves”, said Milan Milojevic, Head of Engineering at MotionTools.

The sharing economy is redefining car access and consumers are searching for smart ways to reduce their costs. MINI Sharing was developed to give MINI owners more freedom to manage access to their car for friends and family, without having to hand over keys.

"MINI drivers are always ahead of their time, just like their groundbreaking and modern vehicles," says Sebastian Mackensen, MINI Senior Vice President. "With MINI Sharing, we enable our customers in Spain to participate in the sharing economy. This new technology fits perfectly with our desirable cars and our innovative customer demographic. "

More information on MINI Sharing can be found here:

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