Transportation technology start-up MotionTools opens third office in Europe.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
MotionTools office locations in Hamburg (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Niš (Serbia).

Transportation technology start-up MotionTools opens a third office to expand its engineering capacity. The new office situated in Niš, Serbia is going to be an important hub for the software development unit working on the company’s technology platform. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the company founded in 2017 also opened an office in Madrid, Spain.

“Niš is not only a true hotspot for dedicated engineering talent but also has a record of startup success stories. With multiple of our longstanding core team members being originally from Niš, we are confident that this city will be key for us to get more great engineers on board and to significantly speed up the development of our platform”, said Patrick Arle, Founder and CEO at MotionTools.

The MotionTools developer-first technology platform encompasses all required software components, apps and hardware integrations to launch and scale mobility and logistics services. A modular and API-driven architecture makes MotionTools attractive for startups and corporates in need of an all-in-one technology solution, as well as engineering teams that want to develop own transportation services on the platform.

“With this expansion MotionTools is reacting to increasing Europe-wide demand for technology solutions in the mobility and logistics industry, as new technology is making it easier and cheaper for companies to launch services from ride-hailing to vehicle sharing”, said Milan Milojevic, Head of Engineering at MotionTools. “Our office in Niš is a great opportunity for us to utilise our network and to build up top-tier engineering teams that are motivated to change the industry”.

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