Instant alcohol delivery

All-in-One alcohol delivery software.

Best-practice features from Millions of orders delivered to date. Online shop integration, auto-dispatch, driver live-location sharing, order-stacking, age-verification and many more...
Best-in-class companies rely on us.

Optimised workflows

Assign delivery jobs instantly via barcode scan or use our cloud dashboard with automatic and manual dispatching options.

Full transparency.

Provide your operations team and customers with real-time status updates and live-location sharing via our connected driver apps.

Easy to integrate.

Use our API and webhooks to create new orders from your ERP, engage your users or connect your fleet of vehicles.

Key features

From order button to doorbell ring. Our technology empowers drinks delivery businesses to maximise efficiency of their operations.


The most versatile software for high-speed drinks delivery services.

Our template for instant drinks delivery services provides all the technology needed to launch and scale your business.

Allow your team to work at its best with hassle-free dispatching workflows as well as highly-configurable mobile and web apps.

Pre-built hardware and software integrations make it easy to build on top of our platform, connect to your ERP or manage connected delivery vehicles.

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Dispatch via Barcode

Introducing the 1 microsecond dispatcher.

Automatically match incoming orders with available drivers based on parameters such as selected booking options, service areas and the specified search radius.

The optional scan to dispatch feature built-into its mobile apps allows to fully integrate the dispatching process into the pick-up routine of your drivers.

Customised dashboards for internal operations teams as well as partner organisations make it easy to reassign jobs to preferred drivers, cancel deliveries or reach out to customers.

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Driver app

Provide the fastest place to work.

Our iOS and Android apps provide a seamless connection to your fleet of drivers. Whenever they go online, drivers are able to instantly receive delivery jobs on their smartphone.

With live location tracking and real-time delivery status updates, navigation via Google Maps and Waze, powerful proof-of-delivery and high-speed QR/barcode scanning features our driver apps provide an all-in-one toolkit to perform fully-transparent and ultra-efficient alcohol deliveries at record speeds.

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Fast, flexible, scalable.
Meet your next tech stack.

Manage processes programatically via our scalable and secure API. Instantly create new jobs from your e-commerce or ERP system and automatically trigger dispatching processes and manage users.

Our API can be integrated directly with your in-house technology stack or used to build your own integrations with third party systems. We also offer pre-built integrations and our own Zapier app to help you get set up quickly.

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Always up to date with real-time events and batch exports.

Synchronise the platform's data with your backend or data warehouse to power your operations analytics and build in-depth reports.

Set up real-time event streams via our webhooks to instantly get notified of changes in our system. Utilise our data for your operations management and provide live rider location tracking to your customers.

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About this template

Launch and scale with us.

Accelerate your alcohol delivery operations with our API-first dispatching platform and mobile driver apps for iOS and Android.



Match incoming orders with available drivers based on the requirements of your delivery process.

Driver App

Enables precise location tracking and provide all the tools needed to complete deliveries at high speed.



Create booking options that can be combined and used to match jobs with drivers.

Hailing bookings

From instant to scheduled and multi-stop bookings, the platform's flexible booking architecture can be adapted to your businesses requirements.

User management

Role-based user management can be customised to define which information is required when customers, drivers and organisation managers are created.

Developer tools

Utilise our APIs and webhooks to programatically interact with our platform and build your own integrations and services.

Growth tools

Leverage vouchers in your marketing campaigns and connect to CRM, analytics and messaging tools to send out targeted emails, push and in-app notifications.

Service areas

Draw and define service areas with custom opening hours, pricing and permissions. Service areas are used to validate addresses and scheduling of bookings, as well as match bookings with relevant drivers.


Powered by the world’s most versatile technology platform.

Time to say goodbye to upfront engineering investments, inflexible standard software contracts or unpredictable maintenance costs. At a fraction of the costs of in-house development our technology platform provides complete transportation business technology setups including customised dashboards and apps for your business.

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