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Helping drivers to always be on top of their upcoming tasks and never forget any important details.
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Powerful driver management features

Organization managementEasily create multiple teams, onboard new suppliers and allow managers and partners to manage their own operations.

User managementUtilize advanced features such as blocking and deleting or sending drivers offline, to easily manage your driver base.

A driver app that makes drivers more productive

Task matchingDrivers can define the capabilities they have and get jobs that match their skillset and can either claim jobs in their region or get assigned to them manually or automatically.

Customized workflowsNot every task is the same, which is why MotionTools supports the concept of services, which can be configured to come with a different set of subtasks.

Performance & status tracking

Operations managementStay on top of the workforce on the ground, no matter where they are. Easily see which drivers are online, busy, on time or running late.

Driver analyticsMotionTools offers multiple ways to track the performance of individual drivers, their teams of the overall operations, from sums and revenues all the way to indivdividual tasks.

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Things to make drivers happy.

An app that works for your drivers, not against it, will significantly impact driver satisfaction and retention.

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