Operations Planning

Dispatchers manage more jobs with less stress.

All the tools to be more productive: Importing tasks easily, optimizing routes effectively and interacting with drivers efficiently.
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Importing tasks

Reduce manual work by automating processes with our out-of-the box or customized integrations.

WebbookerLet customers create their own bookings in the Webbooker or book on their behalf.

IntegrationsUse our standard features and integrations to easily and effortlessly import bookings from any source.

Developer-friendlyBuild custom integrations utilizing our well-documented API and Webhooks.

Optimizing routes

Get more work done in less time utilizing our advanced tour building features.

1-click Tour BuildingEasily bundle multiple bookings into optimized tours with 1-click optimize buttons.

Advanced OptimizationsBuild complex tours with 50+ stops to reduce cost per completion while respecting known restrictions.

Custom ServicesAutomate your optimization strategies by utilizing our API with your own dispatching algorithms.

Performance & status tracking

Stay on top of your ongoing operations and be aligned with your workforce.

Live TrackingEasily track the status and location of your drivers in our dashboard or via API.

Continuous OptimizationContinually re-optimize ongoing operations while keeping drivers focussed on the next task.

Custom interactionsCustomize your driver interactions by adding a chat, help center or individual reports.

Feature highlights

Making smart dispatchers smarter.

Discover some of our key features that will automate your dispatcher jobs and allow your senior managers focus on tasks, that really require their attention.

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