The technology behind 10 minute deliveries.

From order button to doorbell ring within 10 minutes. Learn more about the technology that is allowing grocery delivery businesses to maximise efficiency of their operations.

Johannes Schubert
September 9, 2021

Gopuff. Getir. Gorillas. The pandemic has facilitated the rapid rise of high-speed delivery services all over the world that provide access to groceries within 30, 15 or even 10 minutes. The promise of ultra-fast deliveries seems daunting, but more and more companies are stepping up and facing the challenge. The keys to delivering on their promise? Warehouses in proximity to their customer base and frictionless delivery operations from order to doorbell ring.

Today, the convenience of ordering from the smartphone is taking over grocery shopping routines of millions of consumers. The instant delivery trend is also being adopted in domains such as pharmacy, drinks and cannabis, consumer electronics, construction materials, fashion and flowers and even pet supply.

Our company has made it its mission to build technology for these businesses, so in this article we want to explain how MotionTools highly-customisable courier dispatching software and its rider apps are allowing ultra-fast delivery operators to keep their promise and deliver goods within minutes.

What's happening behind the order?

When an order comes in via a mobile customer app or a web portal, two things happen: the picker team is notified to get the order ready as fast as possible and at the same time a delivery order is created automatically that includes the details of where the delivery should go. There aren't any seconds to waste. Due to highly-efficient setups of the warehouses, staff need less than a minute to pack all items of an online order. Stand-by-couriers only have to pick up the completed bag and start the delivery job using their smartphone.

Beyond providing live location tracking for 100% transparent operations and calculating accurate ETAs for customers, the mobile app facilitates a frictionless delivery process for riders. By confirming their statuses all along the way of the delivery's journey, dispatchers have a real-time view of their operations and are able to analyse all aspects of the service's overall performance.

API-first delivery management, white-label mobile rider apps. MotionTools powers lightning fast operations at scale.

One of the core functions of the delivery process is the matching of bookings and drivers. Respecting the requirements of the variety of operators, MotionTools provides dispatching modes such as the picking bookings from a list, matching via barcode or QR code scan and even automatic matching utilising parameters such as driver radius and capabilities.

After accepting the delivery job navigation seamless integration with GPS tracking services such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Here help direct riders to the customers address in the fastest manner. The mobile app – acting as a Swiss Army knife for the rider provides custom rider instructions and checklists that explain how to complete an order and offers the features to collect proof of delivery (photo and/or signature) or verify the customer's age if necessary. The rider app also features a history of all orders and allows to reach out to operations managers for support any time.

Every second matters.

Instant delivery businesses are relying on data to understand how to shave off time wherever possible and ensure that the utilisation rate of the fleet is as high as possible.

MotionTools is designed to collect the right data in the delivery process to allow BI teams integrate brilliant user analytics and developer tools and identify ways to enhance operational excellence.

With features such as driver management and onboarding, unprecedent customisation options of the white-label driver apps and even pre-built integrations to telematics for e-bikes and scooters MotionTools allows any delivery business to operate faster and in this way, maximise customer satisfaction and profitability.

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Create multi-stop tours and utilise 1-click route optimisation. Manage payments and accounting and set up gig-economy marketplaces. Contact our team to learn more about our advanced technology configuration options and our white-labeling services.

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