New city, new features. MINI Sharing is expanding to Barcelona.

One year ago we launched MINI Sharing, a private car sharing service, together with BMW group in Madrid. Many bookings later we are now bringing the service to Barcelona, together with a big batch of new in-app features.

Simon Schoen
July 30, 2019
MINI Sharing makes it easy to share a MINI with family, friends or co-workers using only the MINI Sharing app.

One year ago, together with the BMW group, we launched a private car sharing service in Madrid, Spain. The idea is simple – by retrofitting your MINI with a bluetooth module (similar to the hardware used in BMW’s carsharing service DriveNow), you enable keyless access through the MINI Sharing app, which MotionTools developed.

Owners of a MINI can subsequently open, close and release the engine of their car. And even better – sharing access to the MINI with family, friends or co-workers can now be managed in-app too, by inviting drivers, who then receive a secure, digital key through the app. Drivers can request bookings, just like they would in other car sharing apps. After the owner has accepted a booking, drivers only need the MINI Sharing app to access and drive the car while their booking is active.

One year and many modules and bookings later, we are now bringing the service to Barcelona together with a big batch of new in-app features. We noticed that once keyless access was enabled that owners would also invite themselves as drivers, so they could access their MINI only using the MINI Sharing app. We’ve therefore expanded features for owners, so it’s now even easier to access your car with the tap of a button. The launch of Barcelona marks an exciting new chapter for MINI Sharing. A new market means more potential customers, more participating dealers and therefore more insights that we can gain to improve and iterate the service. 

Learn more about MINI Sharing here.


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