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MotionTools LogTech News - 05/2024

In this issue: Getir leaves - Flink wins, will AI replace Dispatchers?, our new customer RioTinto, and our Release Notes for May.

Patrick Arle
May 30, 2024
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In this issue

📢  Industry news

  • Is the Quick-Commerce race finally over?
  • Report "Last Mile Delivery 2030"

✅  Best practices

  • How can AI be used as a dispatcher?

🤝  Community updates

  • Welcome, RioTinto!
  • Shipzero raises 8M EUR

🦾  Release Notes

  • May 2024

📢  Industry news

Is the Quick-Commerce race finally over?

Do you remember 2020 and how crazy it was? Not only did a virus turn all our lives upside down, but also made things possible that would probably never have happened otherwise. The delivery of groceries within 10 minutes is one of them. We were at the forefront of building up Flink and helping them scale to over 1 million deliveries per month on our platform.

We are all the more excited that Flink is now the undisputed market leader in Germany. One of the secrets of success in such a model is route optimization. Delivery costs can be greatly reduced if deliveries are smartly "stacked" - i.e. combined into tours. With our APIs, Flink was even able to implement the algorithms themselves.

In the meantime, we also offer similar features directly in our standard setup. Even if the quick commerce business model does not yet have the efficiency it needs to survive, urban logisticians can still learn a lot from this data-driven, fully automated approach to tour optimization. We wish Flink and the entire eCommerce delivery industry continued success 🚀

Read more here about how Getir is now leaving Germany to Flink!

Porsche Consulting publishes the "Last Mile Delivery 2030" report

If you're interested in a glimpse into the future, you should check out the “Last Mile Delivery 2030” report by Porsche Consulting. It's publicly accessible and contains some really interesting insights.

Have a look

Best practices

How can AI be used as a dispatcher? 🤖

When it comes to delivering thousands of packages, a classic optimization problem arises. Such tasks as the "Travelling salesman problem" can only be efficiently solved with data and algorithms.

Read the full post on LinkedIn (German only)

🤝 Community updates

RioTinto becomes a MotionTools customer

The world's second largest mining company, RioTinto, is now leveraging MotionTools to digitally orchestrate and optimize a part of their operational logistics in mines.

Learn more on LinkedIn (German only)

Shipzero raises 8M EUR

We are happy to hear that Mirko Schedlbauer, a familiar face from our community based in Hamburg, has secured fresh capital for his startup "Shipzero". Shipzero offers a platform for the calculation and reporting of emission data for logistics companies and can be used very well in addition to MotionTools.

Learn more

🦾  Release notes

We’ve introduced a new version of the Home Page for customers.

The new page is visually aligned with our dashboard's updated design language. It also gives a better overview of bookings and packages and offers quick access to frequently used features.

Quick view of other updates
  • A new way to set the start time of a booking
  • Support for Consignee’s name
  • Introduction of Service descriptions

Read the full release notes in our help center

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