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Delivery is on Fire

In this month‘s industry update, we share the latest news in high-speed grocery delivery, take a look at the pioneering delivery market in China and marvel at new vehicle concepts.

Anna-Philine Lübbke
September 30, 2021
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This month’s hot topic: Gorillas vs. Flink.

For the past year, the 10 minute grocery delivery model has disrupted the market. Almost overnight, Flink and Gorillas became two of the fastest-growing startups in Europe – and it seems like there's no end in sight. According to Bloomberg, the two instant grocery delivery companies are in the midst of massive funding rounds. DoorDash Inc. is said to lead the round in Flink at a $2.1 Billion Valuation, making Flink a unicorn only 7 months after its founding. Gorillas achieved unicorn status in March, 9 months after launch. With Delivery Hero amongst the parties wanting to invest, Gorillas now has a valuation of $3 Billion.

     🦄  DoorDash Said to Lead Round in Flink at $2.1 Billion Value

     🦍  Delivery Hero Said to Invest in Gorillas at $3 Billion Value

The Amsterdam-based startup Picnic wants to build the most sustainable European grocery delivery company and raised €600M to realize their mission. The German startup "arive" is also tapping into the instant delivery market promising to deliver products from premium consumer brands in 30 minutes. And that's not all: Wuplo and Rohlik are also expanding into new markets, with the latter just having launched in Germany as "Knuspr".

     🍏  Picnic raises €600M from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

     📱  Germany's arive brings consumer brands to your door, raises €6M

     🇩🇪  Wuplo: Russian express delivery service dares to venture into Gorillas terrain

     🦾  Czech online grocer Rohlik to invest 400 mln euros in automation

Looking at the latest headlines it's easy to see that the quick-commerce market is booming. One major success factor for super-fast deliveries is the proximity to customers that decentralized dark stores offer. To get a better understanding of how on-site operations work, Getir and Jokr opened their doors to provide a sneek peek of what's going on 'behind the scenes'.

     👀  Take a look inside a dark store

     📈  Getir: A Remarkable Example of a Digital Disrupter from An Emerging Market

     🍎  A look inside Jokr, the rapid grocery delivery company

Things are moving even faster in China – according to Stephan Soroka the market is "five to seven years ahead of Europe in terms of online retail". This means valuable insights for the European market and lessons that can be learned to avoid pitfalls.

     🌍  Europe’s quick-commerce startups are overhyped: Lessons from China

Hardware providers are also trying to leverage the momentum of delivery businesses all over the world. Especially time-sensitive inner-city transportations require modern, electric solutions. Check out these articles.

     🚲  Konstantin Grcic and Polestar Rethink the Electric Cargo Bike, Ditch the "Bike" Part

     🚚  Clean Motions presents delivery van with solar panel roof

Last but not least: Building and growing a sustainable business can be hard and require a lot of well-thought-out processes. Valuable insights can therefore save a lot of money and time and unlock new potential. Enjoy these articles and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

      💡 5 Last-Mile Delivery Tips for E-Commerce

     🔄  How to Reduce the Cost of E-Commerce Returns and Improve Margins

     🚀  Retail’s need for speed: Unlocking value in omnichannel delivery

     🗺  How can SME retailers conquer the last mile?

     ⏱  The technology behind 10 minute deliveries.

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