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Integration completed. MotionTools supports more modules for electric scooters and bikes.

Read the press release about our partnership with e-motionlabs.

Johannes Schubert
July 11, 2019
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The completed integration of modules for electric bikes, scooters and kickscooters helps reduce time-to-market.

Hoeselt (Belgium) and Hamburg (Germany), July 1st 2019

E-motionlabs and MotionTools announce strategic partnership to offer hardware and software for electric scooter and bike sharing.

Encompassing keyless technology systems for Light Electric Vehicles as well as software for customer apps and cloud-based fleet management the combined offering accelerates launching new mobility services.

“We believe in Europe. We believe in collaboration. In order to offer the most powerful resources to our customers we focus on our core strength of developing software for modern mobility and logistics services and intentionally collaborate with the best hardware partners. In this way we integrate leading telematic systems for a wide range of vehicles. We’re excited to announce the completed integration of e-motionlabs’ outstanding hardware solutions for electric bikes, scooters and kickscooters into our modular technology platform for transportation services.”

Patrick Arle, Founder & CEO MotionTools

E-motionlabs offers smart communication modules for fleets of kickscooters, e-scooters and e-bikes. The MotionTools technology platform allows the operation of free-floating and station-based sharing services with remote monitoring and on-the-go rentals.

The seamless integration of e-motionlabs technology into MotionTools significantly decreases time-to-market to service providers. Additionally the partners emphasise their commitment to safety and data privacy to both customers and their users.

“At e-motionlabs, we focus on building the best enabling technologies to power the global micro-mobility revolution. We are proud today to announce our cooperation with MotionTools and the integration in their technology platform, one of the leading platforms for seamless transportation.”

Cédric Langer, Founder & CEO e-motionlabs

About e-motionlabs

e-motionlabs is a fast growing company based in Belgium developing groundbreaking enabling technologies for Light Electric Vehicles. The core of it’s enabling technology consists of smart communication modules that connect Electric Vehicles like e-bikes and e-scooters to the cloud.

Learn more about e-motionlabs here:

About MotionTools

MotionTools is the modular technology platform for transportation services. It’s mobile & web apps as well as backend integrations with leading analytics and marketing tools help minimise development time and ensure flexibility to transform and scale free-floating and station-based sharing services as well as ride hailing, pooling and last-mile delivery offerings.

Headquartered  in Hamburg (Germany) with offices in Madrid (Spain) and Niš (Serbia) the company collaborates hands-on with leading corporates, industry-challenging startups as well as car dealers and courier companies across the globe.

Learn more about MotionTools here:

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