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Feature highlight: Start deliveries via QR / Bar code scan

How our fastest dispatching mode enables high-speed delivery services get their riders on the road faster.

Simon Schoen
September 23, 2021
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Feature overview

What is this feature about? Delivery dispatching that doesn't waste a second. Perfect for dispatching your delivery fleet from busy dark stores and warehouses.

Available riders simply pick the next package in line and scan the attached QR or bar code to receive all delivery instructions immediately on their phone.

Which businesses benefit from the feature? Any delivery operation where dispatching happens just-in-time and the next package in line is the next to be delivered. This is the case for instant grocery delivery businesses, urgent deliveries for pharmacies and drug stores, as well as same-hour e-commerce deliveries from decentralised delivery hubs.

Who has access to this feature? The QR / bar code scanning feature can be enabled for delivery businesses running on the MotionTools platform. Contact your customer success manager to get started.

As ultra-fast deliveries are taking off in the market, from sub 30 minute deliveries of your favourite electronics to 10 minute grocery delivery, delivery companies need to rely on highly efficient operations to get the job done.

MotionTools delivery platform accommodates a variety of dispatching models that are made to fit individual delivery use cases perfectly. The option for delivery riders to start deliveries via QR or bar code scan is one of the fastest ways to get your riders on the road.

How does it work?

  1. When you create delivery jobs programmatically via our API, you can attach a unique package ID for every order in your ERP system.
  2. The package ID can be attached in form of a printed QR or bar code to the physical packages in the delivery hub.
  3. An available rider can simply grab the next package in line to be delivered, and use the MotionTools rider app to scan the code on the package.
  4. For successfully scanned packages, riders can instantly start the associated delivery job and receive all necessary infos of the recipient in the app, as well as start turn by turn navigation.
  5. Throughout the delivery journey, the rider's progress can be tracked in real-time by operations managers, as the rider's mobile app provides live tracking and instant status updates.
  6. Once arrived at their destination, riders can easily update the delivery status and optionally collect proof of delivery.
  7. Back at the delivery hub, riders simply pick the next package in line and are on the road again in seconds.

Contact our team and start a free trial of MotionTools and learn more about dispatching via QR or bar code scanning: The smartest way to deliver.

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