Feature highlight: Masked communication between delivery workers and customers

How do you protect personal information in case that your delivery workers need to communicate directly with your customers? Our masked communication feature enables delivery workers to contact customers without getting access to their personal phone number.

Simon Schoen
October 7, 2021

Feature overview

What is this feature about?

Masked communication enables delivery businesses to only expose as much information as needed to customers and delivery workers. In the case that delivery workers need to contact customers directly, MotionTools delivery software establishes a secure connection using proxy phone numbers. These temporary communication channels are active until the recipient's stop has been completed.

Which businesses benefit from the feature?

Delivery businesses that want to protect personal information of their customers and delivery workforce. This is especially interesting for delivery marketplaces and B2C delivery businesses.

Who has access to this feature?

Masked communication is an add-on feature that can be enabled for delivery businesses running on the MotionTools platform. Contact your customer success manager to get started.

Making the unexpected more secure

Building software that doesn't only make operations processes more efficient, but also more secure has always been a guiding principle for us at MotionTools.

Sharing some personal information between delivery workers and customers is unavoidable in the delivery process. Without the customer's address or name, a delivery worker will have a hard time to deliver a package at all – and especially not on time.

In an ideal delivery world, more information isn't needed for delivery workers to complete a delivery. However, unpredictable events can always occur in the delivery process: an address might be hard to find, doorbells can stop working unexpectedly or customers mistakenly state their previous surname that they had 10 years ago before they got married. We've seen it all.

In these cases it's important that delivery workers can contact customers directly to resolve the issue. But how can delivery businesses ensure that contact information stays protected?

MotionTools masked communication utilises proxy numbers that get displayed to delivery workers and customers whenever they are needed. Using these proxy numbers, a communication channel gets created on-demand and can be used for the duration of the delivery, after which it gets deactivated.

Using the MotionTools Driver app, delivery workers can instantly request a secure communication channel by tapping a button next to the delivery stop details. Proxy phone numbers are localised to fit the local market and can also be made accessible in custom customer portals or live-tracking pages.

And that's how masked communication works in MotionTools. Contact your customer success manager if you're interested in enabling this feature for your business.

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