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German technology company launches “operating system for digital-first courier and delivery businesses”.

Monday, October 28, 2019
MotionTools offers cloud-based dashboards, web booking portals and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Utilising technologies such as route-optimisation and automation-assisted dispatching, MotionTools powers white-label mobile and web apps for customers, drivers and operators that enable logistics companies to join the last-mile revolution.

“In the age of Amazon Prime Now, consumers are expecting everything at the tap of a button. Our technology platform MotionTools allows to launch digital transportation services in a cost-efficient way with unprecedented time-to-market.” said Patrick Arle, Founder & CEO, MotionTools.

Established in 2017 with offices in Hamburg (HQ), Madrid and Nis, software development firm MotionTools has been in the news for launching services of bluechip mobility customers such as BMW, MINI and Skyryse (a Silicon Valley based air taxi startup). However, the company’s technology platform is the operating system behind a growing number of innovative logistics services such as MovingaNow – a “smart furniture taxi” recently launched in Berlin.

Compareable to ride-hailing platforms such as Uber, MovingaNow provides an end-to-end digital experience enabling users of the service to request a vehicle to their prefered location, specify which size of van they will need and how many helpers they would like to book

“Payment solutions, automatic accounting, detailed user analytics and all kinds of marketing tools. It takes a lot of technology to operate a service such as ours. The pre-built components of the MotionTools platform helped us to launch our service within a tight schedule.” explains Carsten Leverenz, Team Lead of MovingaNow. "The pace of development and the motivation of our partners is outstanding. MotionTools works with us on eye-level to map out the priorities for our business." In an behind-the-scenes interview Leverenz discloses that MovingaNow took advantage of the Custom Feature Development program planning and implementing special requests when adjusting their service to the needs of business customers. He also shares his personal experience of collaborating with the strategy consulting and digital marketing teams of MotionTools.

“Our partners understand the value of not being locked-in inside a standard solution.” says Christoph Olszowka – a leading figure in the RUBY open-source community who recently joined MotionTools as the company’s first CTO. “Our developer-first software components encompass all required SDKs and integrations needed to launch and scale state-of-the-art logistics services. Its modular and API-driven architecture makes MotionTools attractive for startups, SMBs and corporates in need of an all-in-one technology solution, as well as engineering teams that want to develop own transportation services on the platform.”

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