MotionTools provides ride-hailing technology for business-trip startup CityLoop.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Patrick Arle (MotionTools) and Jörg Mayer (CityLoop) announce the collaboration.

The business-trip start-up CityLoop and the Hamburg-based mobility software specialist MotionTools have entered into a development partnership. This paves the way for a customer-friendly design of the CityLoop booking platform and smartphone apps. Patrick Arle, Founder and CEO of MotionTools GmbH explains: “We are excited to welcome CityLoop on our technology platform. The pioneering ride-sharing service helps transform medium-distance business trips into productive time.“

Adopting a principle of circular routes ("loops“), CityLoop combines hotspots such as airports and large companies with premium limousines, for instance between Walldorf and Frankfurt airport. Software development company MotionTools will provide ride-sharing technology, including mobile apps for iOS and Android, that enables CityLoop expand their service across the road network in Germany and neighbouring countries.

“For companies and their employees on business trips, the focus is on flexibility and reliability during the journey. When you’re looking to establish and rapidly scale up a timetable-based ride-sharing service with a top-end service experience, the technological fleet-management platform and Internet-based booking systems and smartphone apps – the interface to the customer – take on extra significance,” said Jörg Mayer, Founder and CEO of CityLoop Travel GmbH: “With MotionTools as a new development partner and the M-TOOLS technology platform, we are in a position not only to offer our customers a swift route to an extraordinary driving experience, but also optimised, convenient mobility solutions for web and smartphone!”

Empowering a wide-range of on-demand mobility use cases including taxi-, ride and delivery-hailing, MotionTools has been in the news for launching services of bluechip mobility and logistics customers such as BMW, MINI, Movinga and Skyryse (a Silicon Valley based air taxi startup). With components such as white-label apps for customers and drivers as well as cloud dashboards for dispatchers and business partners, MotionTools is the developer-first technology platform for businesses that shape the future of transportation.

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