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Bootstrapped technology startup MotionTools is rapidly expanding its transportation platform.

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Taxi-Hailing and Ride-Pooling, Scooter and Car-Sharing, Moving, Last-Mile Deliveries and more. The developer-first technology platform MotionTools is enabling businesses all over the world to launch and scale innovative services in the area of new mobility and logistics.

Collaborating with German corporations such as BMW Group, as well as pioneering startups including Silicon Valley based air-taxi-service Skyryse and moving service provider Movinga, software company MotionTools follows the industry-untypical approach of bootstrapping its technology business.

Founder & CEO Patrick Arle explains. “We have always been inspired by the founding story of SAP, which is not only Germany’s most valuable brand, but a bootstrapped enterprise. Since we started MotionTools, we have been re-investing 100% of our profits into the development of our developer-first technology platform for transportation. Even if we’re still in the early chapters of our own company, we are excited to observe organic exponential growth of our technology platform business. Our 20+ full-stack engineering team worked for a whole year to build up the foundation of MotionTools, so it was able to run operations for our launching customer, then it took another 12 months to onboard the next 10 customers onto our platform. In 2020 we are aiming to expand MotionTools to provide mobile and web apps, APIs and SDKs to 100 businesses all over the world.”

Alongside the global emergence of VC-funded transportation startups such as as Uber, Bird and Delivery Hero as well as innovative digital corporate ventures such as MOIA, ShareNow (Car2Go), FreeNow (MyTaxi), a range of B2B software companies in China, the US and Europe are developing technology platforms that enable a fast-growing number of on-demand transportation businesses disrupt its trillion-dollar industry.

Positioned as the “developer-first technology platform for transportation”, MotionTools features a unique software architecture that offers unprecedented flexibility to power highly-individual transportation services. With the introduction of end-to-end software setups which include mobile apps for customers and drivers, cloud dashboards for dispatchers and managers, automatic accounting, seamless payments as well as marketing tools and analytics, MotionTools is tapping into the growing demand for launch-ready and customisable software from providers of widespread transportation use-cases such as taxi-hailing, item delivery, car rentals and scooter sharing.

Johannes Schubert, CMO at MotionTools explains. “We believe that new realities such as smartphone-savvy consumers, automation-assisted digital business processes and of course the deployment of autonomous vehicles drive the biggest change of the transportation industry since the invention of the wheel. Our innovative technology platform MotionTools is designed to empower mobility and logistics companies all over the world to ‘matter faster’, launching customer-centric, fully digitised and highly efficient transportation services with nothing more than a few clicks.”

As a consequent step of accelerating its technology platform business, MotionTools recently launched a partnership program inviting software companies, OEMs of vehicles and telematics systems, as well as partner agencies to connect to the MotionTools platform.

CTO Chris Olszowka, who has been a leading contributor to the open-source platform Rails before joining MotionTools in February 2019, shares his perspective about the challenge of bootstrapping the MotionTools platform: “On one hand we have to solve problems that are client-specific and on the other hand we have to always keep the direction of our own product. If we can manage this well, we create success for both our customers as well as for our own company. At MotionTools we do not only follow a huge mission, but are also building up a strong engineering culture based on pragmatism and joy of everyday work, agility and high quality standards, shared responsibility and thoughtful team collaboration. People here don’t shy away from any challenge and I believe we will accomplish a lot together.”

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