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9 things MotionTools achieved in 2019.

To which extent is the team and technology of MotionTools delivering on our ambition to empower transportation businesses to “matter faster”? As the year comes to an end, our Founder & CEO reflects on our progress in 2019.

Patrick Arle
December 23, 2019
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Thank you for an epic year. We are looking forward to what's coming up in 2020.

Just ahead of Christmas season I took a moment to reflect what we've achieved as a company in 2019. Here are nine "bullets" I feel grateful to share with you.

01. MotionTools is no longer a baby.

There’s lots of research about why startups fail. Some statistics indicate that 50% of startups are out of business within their first two years. This year we actually forgot to have a party for our second birthday, because there were quite a lot of other good reasons to celebrate.

02. We’re growing the tribe.

The team at our offices in Hamburg and Niš keep expanding. Check out this quick interview with our CTO Chris who joined us in February to understand his perspective on the challenge of building up our technology platform and what kind of culture is helping us succeed.

03 MotionTools is on an exponential course.

If creating a ready-to-scale SAAS business would be easy, everybody would do it. It took us 12 months to onboard the first 10 customers onto our platform, in 2020 however we are aiming to provide technology to 100 customers. This is only possible because we developed a brand new feature configurator and created a single codebase across all of our solutions, dramatically reducing the time it takes to launch new services powered by our technology platform.  

04 The „developer-first platform for transportation“ …

… is more than a marketing tagline. With every SDK MotionTools is launching, we are growing our footprint in the transportation ecosystem. On pioneering projects for customers such as BMW and Skyryse (Air-Taxi), MotionTools components for Carsharing and Ride/AirTaxi-hailing are already seamlessly integrated into backends, apps, etc.

Ride-hailing, Smart deliveries, Vehicle sharing – MotionTools powers a wide range of transportation use cases.

05 More solutions, more customers.

With the expansion of our platform, we are able to provide technology for a growing range of use cases. MotionTools provides technology setups for customers all over the world in the domain of ride-hailing and sharing, taxi-hailing, last mile deliveries, free-floating kickscooter and scooter sharing and station-based carsharing.

06 Join the MotionTools partner program.

Nothing of what I already mentioned would be possible if we were not standing on the shoulders of giants in software and hardware. To ignite the next level of innovation in the transportation industry, we are opening the MotionTools platform to OEMs and telematics companies as well as partner agencies and consultancies. Check out our partner program to learn how you can empower your customers with end-to-end technology solutions.

07 Incubation done. Next: Acceleration.

The success of our customers is our greatest goal. This is why we are glad that MINI Sharing, the private carsharing service we’ve built up in collaboration with BMW Group, hasn’t ceased to grow since we launched it in Madrid in 2018. In the coming years this project will shift up to the next gear of corporate acceleration and profit from a higher exposure.  

Marian's kickscooter has sparked priceless conversations at mobility fairs.

08 We're moving at the speed of … fun.

The future of transportation – a jet-engine propelled kickscooter?! Probably not. Marian, our COO & Founding Partner and weekend rocket engineer put a lot of passion on this crazy hardware project. Check out his making-of video on LinkedIn or take a ride on the “world’s fastest kickscooter” when you’re in Hamburg next time.

09 This is my favourite!

In 2019 we’ve managed to raise the spectacular amount of 0.00M $

In a year where we witnessed not only the fall of WeWork but also growing doubts about Uber’s path to profitability, we couldn’t be more proud to be independent. In my opinion it is a remarkable achievement that we have won several customers that switched from highly funded competitors’ platforms to MotionTools. Our technology rocks!

That's it for now. Thank you for sharing the journey with us in 2019. SDK by SDK, partnership by partnership – I am looking forward to all the things which are coming up in the new year as we are continuing to create the future of transportation together.

Please leave your email address to stay up to date with the latest developments of MotionTools and our company. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2020!

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