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Exceed modern customer expectations and increase the efficiency of your taxi business.

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M-TRIBES Taxi SoftwareM-TRIBES Taxi Software: All-in-one smart software for taxi businesses


Apps. Algorithms. Analytics.

Technology is accelerating the transformation of the transportation industry. Our end-to-end software for taxi businesses and marketplaces offers innovative technology components for customers, drivers, dispatchers and managers.

M-TOOLS Taxi Software System Overview
Customer app

Customer app

Designed for five star experiences.

Fast bookings, live status updates and in-app payments. Our white label mobile apps for your taxi service can be customised to your brand.

  • Branded white label taxi app
  • Instant and scheduled trips
  • Individual booking configurator
Taxi Software Customer App: Booking and Scheduling
Easy booking and scheduling

Whether for an urgent trip through town or a prescheduled ride to the airport early, customers can easily select their preferred pick-up time.

Taxi Software Customer App: Selection of Vehicles
Selection of vehicles

Offer users a variety of products that can be customised to your business. Create multiple vehicle types with different pricing and payment options.

Taxi Software Customer App: Live tracking on a map
Live tracking on a map

Make bookings more transparent for customers, by showing the real-time location of drivers on a map, thereby also reducing customer support requests.

Taxi Software Customer App: Seamless in-app payments
Seamless in-app payments

Reduce the need for customers and drivers to carry around cash, by allowing customers to pay via fast and secure payments in your mobile app.

Cloud dashboard

Cloud dispatch dashboard

Manage your business with ease.

Your operations dashboard powers your whole business, from your dispatching teams to partner managers. Keep up to date with a live map of all drivers and receive in-depth analytics and financial reports.

  • Automation-assisted dispatching
  • Intuitive business and fleet management
  • Integrated marketing tools
Taxi Software Cloud Dashboards Overview

Manage all aspects of your business from our automation-assisted dashboards and always have a live overview of all past, current and upcoming bookings.

Utilise our powerful taxi dispatching system that allows dispatchers to manually assign bookings to drivers or let our algorithms automatically match incoming requests.

Taxi dispatch system in the M-TOOLS taxi software dashboard

With our comprehensive user and fleet management tools you can easily add new users, such as administrators and dispatchers to your organisation, invite drivers and add new vehicles to your fleet.

You also have the option of creating unlimited sub-organisations and to create marketplaces that automate payouts to partners.

Organisation management in the M-TRIBES Taxi Software

M-TRIBES taxi software integrates industry-leading marketing tools to provide you with everything you need to analyse your business, acquire new customers and turn them into regulars.

Get valuable insights into the operations of your business with detailed customer and driver analytics and engage your users with targeted push notifications and voucher campaigns.

Growth tools in the M-TRIBES Taxi Software

Free consultation

Free consultation for taxi businessesFree consultation for taxi companies
We are here to answer your questionsYour contact: Viviana Murillo

Need more hands on deck?

With an industry-experienced team of business analysts, full-stack engineers and marketing specialists, MotionTools helps taxi businesses and marketplaces unlock their full potential.

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Driver app

Connect your fleet.

With our customisable driver apps, you are able to instantly dispatch orders to available drivers in your fleet. Intuitive interactions allow drivers to accept or decline requests, start navigation to the next address and accept payments all from their smartphone.

  • Customisable to your taxi business
  • Instant and scheduled trips
  • Booking configuration
Taxi Software Driver App: Go online and receive requests
Instantly receive requests

Drivers can go online at the tap of a button and will instantly receive incoming orders in a specified radius and business area.

Taxi Software Driver App: Accept or decline incoming orders
Accept or decline

Once a driver accepts an incoming request, they can easily start the navigation to pick-up and drop-off locations.

Taxi Software Driver App: See all scheduled bookings
See all upcoming rides

Drivers always have an overview of all accepted upcoming bookings and can navigate to the pick-up location, before the scheduled time.

M-TRIBES Taxi Software Driver app and fleet management
Automated accounting

Automated accounting

Increase your efficiency with digital processes.

M-TOOLS is designed to make your business run smoothly with efficient processes. We make it easy to automate manual and time intensive tasks, such as invoicing and payouts of partners and drivers. Our taxi software adapts to your business even if you’re rapidly expanding. Our open interfaces allow the connection of your own Customer Relationship Management systems and future software you might want to use.

Automatic invoicing for taxi businesses
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Pricing and features

Maximise customer satisfaction and efficiency of your business with powerful taxi booking and dispatching software by MotionTools.

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M-TRIBES Delivery Software Pro Plan
Taxi Software
White-label customer and driver apps
Branded admin and partner dashboards
Branded booking app for your website
Automatic invoice creation
Unlimited sub-organisations
Support for taxi hailing marketplaces
Explore pricing plans
M-TRIBES Taxi Software Enterprise Plan
Need more?
Work with our experts to scale up your taxi venture.
Implementation of custom features
Launch and growth consulting
Volume discounts for large fleets


A powerful platform.

Learn more about M-TOOLS, the versatile operating system behind our taxi software.

We go beyond technology.

Need a hand with your customer brand, or an analytics 1:1? Meet our team of experts.

German engineering. Global footprint.

Learn more about M-TRIBES, the "SAP of transportation technology".

How do you create brand new originals?

M-TRIBES collaborates with independent taxi operators to launch stand-out services.

IT changes everything.

Understand how software is driving efficiency in the taxi industry.

The power of seamless experiences.

How providing fast and transparent customer experiences matters to taxi businesses.

Your future has arrived.

Are you ready for smarter processes and state-of-the-art customer experiences? Our software offers all the technology components you need to gear up your taxi business for the era of smart transportation.

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A powerful platform.

Business as usual is … out of business. In an age of growing diversity of the market of on-demand transportation, many legacy software solutions are no longer capable to help taxi businesses stay ahead of the competition.

That is why our taxi software is built on the M-TOOLS platform. Fueling the global transportation revolution, M-TOOLS powers taxi and air-taxi businesses, as well as pioneering shuttle, shared mobility and item transportation services all over the world. Thanks to the platform’s modular software architecture, which allows for unprecedented customisation of mobile apps, online booking portals and cloud-based dashboards, M-TOOLS allows to create tailor-made digital setups to launch innovative and efficient businesses of any size.

Equipped with wide reaching integrations with many of the world’s most popular technology building blocks, the strong and elastic technology backbone empowers taxi businesses to focus on their most critical functions such as validating their business strategy through powerful analytics, elevating passenger satisfaction across the total customer journey, acquiring new and engaging existing customers and managing driver supply in a highly efficient way.

We go beyond technology.

Bullet-proof strategy, stand-out product, top-performing marketing and hassle-free operations. It takes a lot of expertise to kickstart and scale economically sound transportation businesses.

To maximise success for its business partners, M-TRIBES offers exclusive access to its team of industry-experiences business analysts, transportation technology specialists, customer and market data analysts as well as brand strategists and designers. Our highly effective on-site and remote collaboration formats are designed to create measurable impact for your business at the same time as they help advance the professional skills of your team as you scale up your organisational setup.

German engineering. Global footprint.

The future of transportation belongs to those who create it today. In 2017 the team of M-TRIBES formed around its Founder & CEO Patrick Arle in Hamburg, Germany. Before kickstarting M-TRIBES, Arle served as assistant to the CEO of Lufthansa and built up Wunder Mobility as COO and CPO. 

Answering the growing demand for access to launch-ready and customisable transportation software, M-TRIBES exists to accelerate the process of building and scaling services that shape the future of mobility and logistics.

M-TRIBES was profitable within its first six months of operations and continues to be fully bootstrapped. With heavy focus on full-stack software development, the team of M-TRIBES is proud to help a growing range of taxi and courier businesses as well as big corporates and pioneering startups all over the world to „Matter faster“. 

How do you create brand new originals?

We believe that the future of transportation does not only belong to four-letter companies. That is why we are designing our technology to enable a growing variety of meaningful services in the transportation economy to become „brand new originals“.

Our component-based software architecture makes it possible to create highly personal configurations for your individual businesses, fuelling the competitive advantage of your business. 

To help taxi businesses of any size update their operational setup for the requirements and opportunities of today’s digital consumers and markets our industry-experienced team of business analysts, transportation technologists and brand strategists experienced in facilitating millions of rides offers effective learning journeys and seamless collaboration.

IT changes everything.

In times of digital-first businesses increasing efficiency through smart automation, every business needs to evaluate if the tools that made them successful are able to help unlock the next level of their business.

Communication via radio was simple and effective, but in an age of digital consumers expecting highly accurate ETAs (which can be provided by location sharing and real-time route calculations) and instant feedback for their booking requests, it takes a different toolkit to enable highly-profitable transportation businesses. 

Modern taxi software aims to make the taxi dispatching process as efficient as possible, by reducing response times and possible sources of errors. The most important factors here are increasing the transparency of operations processes, ensuring instant communication between customers, dispatchers and drivers and automating as many repetitive and administrative tasks as possible. By using connected apps and cloud dispatching dashboards, incoming bookings can be instantly matched with the nearest available drivers and invoices are sent out immediately to customers after a booking has ended, while drivers can always access an up to date history of their past completed bookings.

The power of seamless experiences.

Every taxi-driver knows that it takes attention to details to provide a positive experience to their passengers. The same principle applies to taxi customer apps, which act as the software extension of your business. 

A great customer experience is achieved by balancing intuitive user interfaces, speed of use and a high reliability of the service throughout every step of the journey, from booking, riding to payment. One way that makes mobile apps excel at providing value to customers is by increasing transparency throughout the whole journey. Customers can see price estimates for their trip before they request a booking, receive live ETAs and even track the arrival of their taxi on a map. This also reduces the amount of customer support that is needed, as customers will have less questions about the current status of their booking.

Customer interfaces for taxi services have to be engineered with care to perform on a wide range of technology outlets, including iPhones and Android smartphones but also a wide range of web browsers for laptops, desktop PCs and tablets. That is why these apps should always be a part of an end-to-end solutions that maintains and updates all mobile and web apps together. Once users have signed up for a service, it’s easier for businesses to maintain a high number of returning customers, by being able to communicate directly with past users through notifications and promotion campaigns with vouchers.