The home for your business in the heart of Hamburg-Altona.

Situated at a unique waterfront location and equipped with more than 200m2 of window space M-SPACE is an invitation to experience the energy of this colossal machine through an immersive 360° panorama.

Your benefits

Everything you need to keep shipping.

M-SPACE is designed for professionals seeking to thrive in an inspiring and productive environment.

Keyless access
Lightning fast internet connection
Premium coffee bar
Parking spaces available optionally
Booking of additional meeting rooms
Available rooms
Our story

Headquartered in the heart of Hamburg, M-TRIBES is a go-to-technology partner for startups, corporates and SMEs in industries such as last-mile delivery, shared mobility and ride-hailing.

Work with our experienced product and engineering team to build up M-TOOLS, the world's most versatile transportation technology platform which allows to launch and scale high-growth business models including 10 minute grocery delivery or free-floating scooter sharing.

Our technology platform provides businesses with end-to-end control over essential processes such as automated invoicing and accounting as well as pricing and payments and enables businesses to configure highly-customised booking systems for mobile and web. Generated Android and iOS apps for drivers as well as cloud based dashboards for operators allow for the smart dispatching and fulfilment of bookings and the efficient management of customers, partners and vehicle fleets.

Providing unprecedented speed and flexibility to create businesses that "set the world in motion", our market-leading open platform approach is praised by digital-first operators and marketplaces that are seeking to validate innovative business models or expand their service with the help of convenient integrations, our API and webhooks.

SDKs of the M-TOOLS technology platform are helping global software engineering teams to accelerate product development of next-level transportation solutions such as Silicon Valley air-taxi hailing or peer-to-peer sharing of the latest MINI vehicles. The long-term purpose behind building the M-TOOLS technology platform however is to advance a humane and locally-diversified market landscape by facilitating the democratisation of state-of-the-art transportation technology via an all-in-one SAAS platform.

Consequently M-TRIBES is offering instant access to its technologies via pre-configured white-label industry templates for a growing number of delivery, vehicle sharing and ride-hailing use cases which empower businesses to instantly upgrade their customer experience and elevate operational efficiency without breaking their budgets.

Available rooms

An office like no other

Due to its unique location and iconic architecture the M-SPACES landmark can be seen from many parts of Hamburg. The bright and puristic colour palette as well as the combination of smart lighting systems and comfy nordic furniture breathe a contemporary hanseatic spirit.

Shared Usage
Starts at 1000 € / month
Multiple rooms | 250m2 | rent monthly
Price depends
on # of people
Screen, TVs etc. available
Couches, Bar, Coffeemaker...
Heated and airconditioned!
Dedicated Room
‍1500 € / month
15m2 | rent for at least 3 months
Fits 3-5
Desks and chairs (optional)
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Your experience

Listen to your gut.

No matter if you crave for “Fischbrötchen” or “Franzbrötchen”, want to enjoy one of the best steaks in town or indulge in handmade pattiserie you will find many of Hamburg’s best addresses in the immediate neighborhood of M-SPACE.

Its Bezera coffee maker as well as a selection of teas and fresh fruit are here to keep you energized throughout your working hours.

Recharge at the river.

Do you want to complete your daily step goal or take a breath at the side of a tree? Enjoy inspirational walks and captivating harbour views or hang out at Elbstrand – Hamburg’s 13 kilometer long sandy beach.

Even on a busy day you can enjoy your daily dose of Vitamin D as the south-oriented office invites the sun from dusk till dawn.

All roads lead to M‑SPACE.

M-SPACE is reached conveniently by S-Bahn or Bus and also offers a station of Stadtrad (Hamburg’s free bikesharing program).

The most iconic way of arriving at M-SPACE of course is to commute by ferry 62. To long-term resident M-SPACE offers the possibilty to book a private spot in its gated underground parking level.

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Ready to take a look around?

M-SPACE provides shared or private office space rentals for individuals and teams from 1-15 people.

Send us a message if you are interested and want to learn more about our space!

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