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Unlock the Future – with Keyless Vehicle Access.

Four ways how smartphone-powered access of vehicles opens brand new opportunities for OEMs, car dealerships and rental agencies beyond free-floating car sharing.

Johannes Schubert
June 20, 2019
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Smart access systems allow locating and opening cars at the tap of a button.

Nothing less than a mobility revolution.

Imagine you could get access to a car anytime you need it. This dream, which has been around since the early 90s, finally became a reality with the dawn of free-floating car sharing over the past few years.

The rising popularity of Car2Go & DriveNow and a growing range of competitors is an outcome of the unprecedented success of the smartphone. Connecting to telematics systems built into the car, the always-at-hand mobile device allows users to book, locate and open the vehicle of their choice at the tap of a button.

But did you know that free-floating car sharing is just one of many innovations which are made possible with the introduction of smart access technology? Here are four other use cases that are gaining popularity globally.

1. Keyless rentals

Smart access allows creating an end-to-end digital experience of renting a vehicle. No rental counter needed! Utilising smart access technology not only enables rental agencies to improve their offering by going 24/7, it also accelerates the handover process for their customers. This also empowers any other fleet owner (i.e. a car dealerships) to start a car rental business. Learn more about keyless car rental technology here.

2. Smarter fleets

No matter if your fleet of vehicles is used as a nice-to-have company perk, an essential component of mobilising your field work or just a replacement service given to customers during vehicle repairs, upgrading your fleet with smart access technology offers many advantages. Simplifying access for everyone, keyless technology helps drive utilisation of your fleet and allows the use of powerful dashboards that improve both monitoring and servicing your vehicles.

3. Service revolution

Would you like to offer deliveries of packages to the trunk of the recipients car? How about introducing a full interior & exterior car cleaning service at the tap of a button? Smart access technology helps you unlock new opportunities. Turning cars into a connected digital platform (even for third party services), is the starting point for brands to create everyday value for customers beyond getting from A to B.

4. Peer-to-peer sharing

It’s not a secret that cars are parked more than 90% of their lifetime. In an age where Airbnb is offering more listings than the five biggest hotel brands combined, this insight has inspired a growing number of vehicle owners to rethink their relationship to their personal vehicle and to rent it out to strangers via peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Turo & Getaround. MINI Sharing, a recent project by BMW Group demonstrates that enabling shareability proves as a great starting point to upgrade vehicles with smart access technology.


And this is where our technology platform comes in ...

MotionTools is a powerful technology platform that allows mobility operators to run and scale innovative sharing services. Integrating with leading telematic systems for almost any car brand on the market, our technology platform accelerates the launch of station-based or free-floating sharing services. Thanks to its modular software architecture and the option of custom feature development, MotionTools allows you to take an entirely different direction with your fleet and unlock the future. Literally.

Learn more about MotionTools here.

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