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MotionTools LogTech News - 06/2024

In this issue: New “loading zone” in German cities, our new customer YourKurier, and our Release Notes for June.

Anna-Philine Lübbke
June 27, 2024
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Dear Reader,

At MotionTools and in the logistics world, a lot has happened this month. We have compiled the most interesting topics for you in this June edition of our LogTech News.

We look forward to feedback or references to articles and topics that should not be missed in our next issue. Just write us an email at

In this issue

📢  Industry news

  • Trend Report “Supply Chain Diversification”
  • New “loading zone” in German cities
  • Quick Commerce Delivery: MAYD declares bankruptcy and Mubadala invests 250m$ into Getir

✅  Best practices

  • How Micro-Choices and Games Motivate Gig Workers
  • Digital order capture, made easy

🤝  Community updates

  • Welcome, YourKurier!

🦾  Release Notes

  • June 2024

📢  Industry news

DHL published Trend Report on Supply Chain Diversification

In a new trend report on supply chain diversification, DHL presents four ways companies can make their supply chains more flexible, resilient, and sustainable. The report develops a proactive approach that allows companies to analyze current dynamics and patterns and assess their supply chain strategies accordingly.Read a brief summary here or download the trend report.

New “loading zone” in German cities

Finally, better parking for delivery vehicles! The Bundesrat has approved an amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which will allow for the introduction of a new traffic sign for loading zones. This new sign will include a strict no-parking rule, with exceptions only for loading and unloading activities. More on this here (German only)

MAYD declares bankruptcy and Mubadala invests 250m$ into Getir

The decline in online orders, the delayed e-prescription law, and delivery bans on Sundays and public holidays have severely impacted -according to their own statements- Germany's largest pharmacy delivery service in recent months, forcing them to file for bankruptcy (article german only).

Getir, which left the german market among others in May, is getting an additional investment of 250 million US dollars from Mubadala, aiming for a large-scale restructuring.

Best practices

Learnings from Ride-Hailing: How Micro-Decisions and Games Motivate Gig Workers

Gig work accounts for up to  12% of the global labor market and it’s growing. Despite criticism regarding lack of job security and unstable income, why do so many people work gig jobs? Some reasons are obvious: making a living and the ability to manage work flexibly. A new Harvard Business Review article illustrates through the ride-hailing industry that the reasons are more diverse than that.

Digital order capture, made easy

Capturing order data as efficiently as possible, that is with minimal effort, and effectively, that is with high quality, seems to be too big of a hurdle for many logisticians. To keep entry barriers as low as possible, we at MotionTools provide our customers with a whole suite of “Import Tools,” which we constantly expand and equip with more and more artificial intelligence. Read the whole post on LinkedIn (German only)

Preview LinkedIn Post

🤝 Community updates

YourKurier becomes a MotionTools customer

As a courier service for time-critical or sensitive transports, YourKurier operates daily in Munich, throughout Germany, or in other European countries, managing the operation of numerous logistics services for its customers on a single platform with MotionTools.

Preview LinkedIn Post

🦾  Release notes

We are introducing Tour services alongside Booking services.

With this change, we start to clearly differentiate between services offered to customers (Booking services) and those requested from drivers (Tour services). This differentiation increases the configurability of MotionTools which means that operators can adjust the behaviour even more towards their individual needs.

Image showing three booking services that are distributed into two tour services
Quick view of other updates
  • Support for PDF documents
  • New metrics on tours (API Only)
  • Streamlined Origin address input for packages (API Only)
  • Restricted Saved Place updates and customer anonymization

Read the full release notes in our help center

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