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How MotionTools helps Scale-Ups to pilot last-mile delivery on a budget

Over the last years, we helped a few different Scale-ups and Corporates like Movinga, FastDrop or Fressnapf to pilot last-mile delivery services. We now know what it takes to successfully launch and scale businesses like these.

Marian-Maximilian Martens
June 17, 2023
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As a Start-Up or Corporate you may neither want nor can hire the product, design, and engineering resources needed short term to launch, pilot, and validate last-mile delivery operations for your business.

And even if you do, this may not advance your desired output within adequate scope and time.

What you want -with the current cost of capital especially- is:

  • Launch fast BUT with a nice MVP
  • Validate with real customers paying for your service
  • Fast, educated iterations for scrapping or scaling the concept

With this need for speed and high flexibility, it may occur contrary to partnering with a SaaS provider ... but this is why MotionTools is built the way it is.

As essentially a (Software- and Services) box of Lego, coming with various best-practice configurations for Logistics from eCommerce, over parcel delivery to fleet servicing, as well as supporting your individual setup. So that you can:


Focus on launching your service and its operations, instead of rebuilding existing software from scratch.


Professionalise as you grow and adjust MotionTools to your individual business requirements to build a sticky service your customers love.


Custom build integrations and features as well as access to close, cross-functional collaboration modes between your and our team. We are your partner.

Get yourself amongst the best in logistics: Flink, Kavall, Pop Market,, Circus, and many more. Click here to start a free trial and see how MotionTools works.

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