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How car dealers are unlocking new revenue in the age of smart mobility.

Technology, such as keyless vehicle access via smartphones, is enabling car dealerships to react to changing consumer trends and unlock new opportunities for their business.

Johannes Schubert
August 15, 2019
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Station-based sharing technology allows car dealership to utilise their existing fleet and generate new revenue streams.

MotionTools allows dealerships to offer station-based car rentals with ease and helps automate the management of replacement cars. Learn more about MotionTools here.

“The EU auto-demand cycle has peaked”, Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Michael Dean  declared recently, while IG Metall, Germany’s most powerful labor union, predicted employment in the country’s car sector would top out in 2019. The ongoing transitions in the automobile industry are bringing lots of pressure on car dealerships. With ride-hailing services such as Uber, Lyft & co. and car sharing programs such as ShareNow or Zipcar, the prevailing confusion about propulsion methods and not to forget general political unrest sparked by economic uncertainty, the consumer’s inclination towards ownership of vehicles has never been disrupted heavier. 

The good news however is that simplified access to technology is enabling car dealerships of all vehicle brands all over the world to react to changing consumer trends and unlock new levels for their business. High convenience, on-demand vehicle access around the clock and modern, mobile-first booking systems – we are taking a look at how new consumer demands can be turned into new business opportunities for dealerships:

Create extra revenue by offering station-based, self-serviced car rentals with your own app.

Your existing fleet of cars is one of the most important assets of your business. Today almost any car model can be upgraded with smart hardware modules that allow for 24/7 remote monitoring with cloud-based dashboards. Technology platforms such as MotionTools make it possible to launch powerful smartphone apps with intuitive booking flows, seamless payments and vehicle access at the tap of a button. Powered by smart algorithms and with integrations of world-class tools for accounting, customer support and digital marketing, these end-to-end software setups make it effortless to launch a self-serviced car rental business for your dealership.

Upgrade your process of managing replacement cars

Most car dealers provide their customers with a courtesy car while their car is being repaired or serviced. Often this generosity is exploited by consumers by delaying returns, overrunning mileage or causing damages. A fully digitised replacement car solution not only allows for vehicle data tracking and emergency access, but also utilises status notifications and mobile payments to create a transparent and economic replacement car solution that doesn't cause headaches for your employees.

Upgrading your fleet with sharing-enabling technology brings many more advantages, such as enabling employees to easily share your fleet between themselves and using keyless test rides as a low-barrier promotion when marketing to first-time buyers.

Smart mobility technology can be utilised for a variety of use cases, whether you want to explore new business models in the area of "mobility as a service" or you want to upgrade your existing processes to react to new consumer demands. With technology being more accessible than ever, it's easy to get new services up and running within weeks, without needing a team of own developers and huge investments.


Launch faster. Grow smarter.

Telematics, Apps, Dashboards and more. MotionTools offers all the components you need to kickstart your self-service rental offering. To learn more about our technology and schedule a free demo please click here.

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