5 questions for Mixa, Senior Backend Developer at MotionTools.

"I am proud that by building up the MotionTools technology platform our team is impacting the transformation of so many dimensions of the world around us." Learn more about Mixas experience at MotionTools and his favorite brownie recipe.

Johannes Schubert
September 16, 2021
Mihajlo Ilijić - Senior backend developer

MotionTools: Hey Mixa, thanks for taking the time for a quick interview. How is life?

Mixa: Läuft. (Hamburg slang for saying "Fine, thanks.")

MotionTools: You've been around for 2,5y . In your eyes, what's the best thing about working at MotionTools?

Give me a minute. There is this invisible reality of transportation processes happening around us every day and night. I like that my work presents me with an understanding of this "thing". And yes, it makes me proud that by building up the MotionTools technology platform our team is impacting the digital transformation of this really interesting dimension of society.

MotionTools: Sounds like a decent challenge. How do you think we are moving forward as a team?

I think we're doing great, because we are shipping fast and we never lose our focus. In this stage of our company many of our projects are kind of a balancing act between creating specialised features tailored to the needs of individual businesses and building the most universal platform for a huge variety of transportation operators of any sizes. I like this balance.

MotionTools: Remote or office? What's your thing?

Having the freedom to do both. With MotionTools I can work from anywhere. I still decided to move to Hamburg, because it's a really exciting city. So many opportunities beyond the job. Compared to my hometown Hamburg has such a diversity of people with many different interests, still everything is smoothly organized. And yes, our HQ is pretty nice too.

MotionTools: One more thing. We always love when you bring those self-made brownies to the office - would you mind sharing your secret recipe????

Ok. Here's the full documentation. Thank me later.

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