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Software for sharing any fleet with branded customer apps.

Launch smart mobility services tailored to your brand and business model with any kind of vehicle.

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M-TRIBES Vehicle Sharing & Rental SoftwareM-TRIBES Vehicle Sharing & Rental Software: All-in-one software for ride-hailing businesses and ride-sharing marketplaces


The most versatile vehicle sharing software for your business.

Upgrade your fleet with our integrated telematics systems to create new mobility services tailored to your requirements. We support free-floating and station-based sharing and rental solutions.

Car Sharing, Scooter Sharing, Bike Sharing Software
HouseCar sharing
Customer app

Customer app

Seamless mobility at the tap of a button.

From free-floating scooter sharing to station-based car sharing for companies and car rental agencies, customers can easily book, open and close vehicles via fully-branded mobile apps. Our integrated keyless access systems and secure in-app payments create seamless mobility experiences.

  • Scooters, kick-scooters, cars, e-bikes
  • Browse vehicles and stations on a map
  • Instantly unlock or reserve vehicles
  • Seamless in-app payments
Customer App: Booking and reserving
Easy booking & reserving

Vehicles can be instantly unlocked or reserved for a specified period of time. Our keyless access systems work for any fleet of vehicles.

Customer App: scan qr code to unlock
Multiple unlocking options

Via bluetooth or LTE, by pressing a button, swiping or scanning a QR code – we offer a variety of unlocking options.

Customer App: park and lock mode
Lock and park mode

Customers can pause their booking by locking the vehicle in parking mode. Minute based pricing can be adjusted for each booking state.

Customer App: Seamless in-app payments
Seamless in-app payments

Payments can be handled directly in the app or via invoice. Pricing models can be adjusted to the requirements of your business.

Works seamlessly with

Fleet Servicing Software

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Cloud dashboard

Fleet management dashboard

Manage your fleet with ease.

View the real-time status and charge level of every vehicle, keep track of active bookings and reservations and dive deep into product analytics with our integrated BI tools. New vehicles can easily be added to your fleet and remotely monitored with emergency access and maintenance modes.

  • Fleet management software
  • Location and status of vehicles on a map
  • Easily manage business settings
Fleet Management Dashboards Overview

Manage all aspects of your business, view the location of your vehicles on a map and get a live overview of all past, current and upcoming bookings.

Our telematics systems allow you to see the current status of vehicles in your fleet and let you schedule maintenance and recharging time, as well as utilise emergency access.

Fleet management dashboard in the M-TRIBES software

With our comprehensive user and fleet management tools you can easily add new users, such as administrators and fleet managers to your organisation and add new vehicles to your fleet.

Business administration in the M-TRIBES vehicle sharing software

MotionTools vehicle sharing software integrates industry-leading marketing tools to provide you with everything you need to analyze your business, acquire new customers and turn them into regulars.

Get valuable insights into the operations of your business with detailed mobile analytics and engage your users with targeted push notifications and voucher campaigns.

Growth tools in the M-TRIBES vehicle sharing software

Free consultation

Need more hands on deck?

With an industry-experienced team of business analysts, full-stack engineers and marketing specialists, we help vehicle sharing and rental businesses unlock their full potential.

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Telematics & vehicle packages

Swipe to upgrade your fleet.

Our integrated telematics systems allow upgrading any fleet with fast and secure keyless access. Don’t have a fleet yet? Together with our vehicle OEM partners we are able to offer ready-to-share vehicle packages for any fleet size.

  • Support for bluetooth and LTE
  • Enables keyless access and monitoring
  • Ready-to-share vehicle partners
M-TRIBES Vehicle Sharing Software telematics and vehicles
Automated accounting

Automated invoicing

Let your accounting run on autopilot.

Booking notifications, invoices and payment receipts for customers are automatically created and sent out, customised to fit your brand.

Our open APIs allow the connection of new or existing systems and services, enabling you to scale at the pace that you want.

Automatic invoicing for ride hailing and ride sharing businesses

Feature overview

Ride-hailing software - white label customer app

Fully branded customer app

Let your customers easily reserve and unlock vehicles.
Ride-hailing software - In-app payments

Seamless in-app payments

Fast and secure payments directly inside of your app.
Ride-hailing software - Booking app for website

Branded booking app for your website

Let customers reserve vehicles directly from your website.
Ride-hailing Software - Driver Apps

Integrated telematics systems

Connect fleets with any kind of vehicle.
Ride-hailing Software - Dispatching Dashboard

Fast and secure keyless access

Open, activate and close vehicles via mobile apps.
Ride-hailing software - Fleet Management

Cloud-based fleet management

Add vehicles to your fleet and monitor their live status.
Ride-hailing software - Dashboards for partners

Booking and operations analytics

Keep an overview of all active bookings and analyse KPIs.
Ride-hailing software - product and pricing settings

Custom product variations and pricing

Create a variety of products and select your pricing model.
Ride-hailing software - CRM and marketing tools

CRM and marketing tools integrations

Manage and engage with your customer base.
Ride-hailing software - automatic invoices

Automatic invoice creation

Never worry about having to send out invoices ever again.
Ride-hailing software - taxi marketplaces

Integrated license verification

Enable optional driver's license verification for customers.
Ride-hailing software - automatic payouts

Tutorials for onboarding customers

Create engaging tutorials to explain how your service works.

The smart new mobility.

Are you ready to launch innovative sharing and rental services? Our software offers all the technology components you need to upgrade any fleet and operate free-floating and station-based services.

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