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Powered by our ultra-versatile technology platform, all our white-label mobile apps and cloud dashboards are ready to adapt to the individual requirements of your business.


Manage your entire business from our cloud-hosted dashboard. The intuitive interface allows admins to manage your businesses most important resources, from your customer database to bookings, drivers and partner organisations.

Invite users and manage roles and permissions
Overview of operations analytics
Access to developer tools
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M-TOOLS Business Dashboard
Dispatching Car


The dispatching dashboard offers a transparent overview of your operations with a live map of your drivers and bookings. Connected driver apps allow for precise location tracking and the latest booking status is always visible to dispatchers.

Supports multiple service areas
Live tracking and status updates
Export data via CSV

The dispatching dashboard comes with a range of features that make managing tours and assigning jobs to drivers instant and easy. Dispatchers can split up multi-stop bookings into separate tours, duplicate bookings at the tap of a button and create bookings via CSV uploads.

Assign preferred drivers
Easily duplicate bookings
Split up bookings into tours
Dispatching Features - Split up Bookings into Tours

M-TOOLS powerful automated dispatching engine is designed to instantly connect supply and demand, by matching bookings with available drivers. Matching rules can be defined based on selected booking options, service areas and the specified search radius.

Select custom search radius
Filter based on booking requirements
Matching of jobs in seconds
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M-TOOLS Mobile Driver App
Driver App

Driver app

The driver apps for iOS and Android are the direct link between the dispatching system and your fleet of drivers. Apart from enabling precise live location tracking, the driver app turns your drivers' smartphones into a powerful set of tools.

Instantly start navigating to the next stop
Update the status of a job at the tap of a button
Collect photos, notes or signatures as proof of delivery
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The web booking portal can be used standalone or together with your mobile app. Connected to your website, our web booking portal is designed to meet the requirements of transportation services that focus on B2B customers. Just like mobile apps, web apps can be white-labeled to represent your look and feel and include photographs and illustrations.

Create multi-stop bookings
Live driver-tracking
Responsive on any device
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fleet management

Fleet manager

Our fleet management is an end-to-end solution for upgrading your fleet with integrated telematics systems. Connect to any kind of vehicle, from cars, vans and scooters to helicopters and utilise live-tracking, maintenance scheduling and remote access features.

Our fleet management works seamlessly with other platform components, such as our mobile apps, enabling you to launch tailor-made vehicle sharing services.

Start instantly with our telematics partners
Custom hardware integrations on-demand
Location tracking and remote access
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M-TOOLS Fleet Management

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