Product Update

April 19, 2021

The product and engineering teams at M-TRIBES keep working on new features and product enhancements. Here's an overview of what's coming next and what’s recently launched.

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🌀Rolling out

Features to become available in the next app versions or with the platform update.

Real-time dashboard updates

We're rolling out websockets support on the dashboard, which means updates to driver statuses, driver locations and booking statuses will now be reflected on the dashboard as soon as they're made. No more manual page refreshes! New bookings will also appear on the dashboard immediately after creation.

Generic Driver app

Tenants who don't want to create and support their own App Store and Google Play accounts and aren't interested in having a branded app for drivers will be able to switch to the generic driver app maintained by M-TRIBES. When signing in, drivers will need to specify the name of a tenant they work for.

Invoice address prefilling

If you require or just allow your customers to add an invoice address, the apps will automatically prefill first and last name fields with the profile information. This will speed up and enhance the onboarding experience.

Zones (Available for Sharing only)

The zones feature will allow sharing tenants to break a service area down into smaller chunks and then track vehicles across zones for analytical purposes. Later, it will be possible to allow or disallow certain actions in a given zone. To create "No parking" areas, for example.

🔜 Coming soon

Features in development.

Ability to combine capabilities into services

Tenants will be able to offer different services as a combination of capabilities and capability options. For example, a tenant with a "Vehicle" capability that consists of "Bicycle", "Car" and "Truck" options will be able to offer "Delivery" service with "Bicycle" and "Car" options, and "Moving" service with a "Truck" option. Each service will have its own price matrix. The feature will initially be supported by the Webbooker only.

Permanent customer discounts

A tenant will be able to set a permanent discount in a customer profile. The discount will be automatically applied to any booking created by the customer or on behalf of this customer.

Adding vouchers to customer accounts

Customers as well as marketers will be able to add vouchers to customer profiles. This direct voucher distribution will allow tenants to further motivate customers to create new bookings.

Ending "Pay by invoice" bookings on behalf of drivers

Dispatchers will be able to end bookings on behalf of drivers if bookings are meant to be paid by an invoice.

Amount-based vouchers

With amount-based vouchers customers will be able to reduce the final price of a booking by an absolute amount instead of percentages.

Movelo e-bikes integration

Tenants will be able to bring e-bikes from Movelo into their fleet mix and experiment with bike-sharing business models.

👀 In case you missed it

Previously released features.

Filtering scheduled booking requests by capabilities

Tenants will be able to decide whether drivers should receive all scheduled booking requests or only those that fit driver's capabilities. Alternatively, tenants will be able to let drivers decide this themselves.

25+ stops per booking

Customers will be able to create bookings with more than 25 stops. This feature comes with certain restrictions and can be enabled on-demand. Contact our support if you would like to turn this feature on.

PayPal support (Available for Sharing only)

Until now, our sharing apps had only two payment methods: credit cards and SEPA Direct Debit. To offer riders more variety of options, we're introducing support for PayPal, a dominating payment provider for certain markets.

Performance improvements

Our dashboard is now better prepared for handling hundreds of bookings on a daily basis. We're working on further improvements, but first enhancements should be visible to dispatchers already.

In-app messaging

In-app messaging via Firebase will help your growth teams engage end-users by sending them targeted and contextual messages and nudging them to complete key in-app actions, such as creating a booking. Contact our support if you would like to enable this feature.

That's not all — we have more features to come that will improve how you and your customers use the M-TOOLS platform every day. To get an overview of features we're currently working on or considering, visit our portal on Productboard. Feel free to submit ideas and upvote the features you like the most!

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