Product Update

October 25, 2021

The product and engineering teams at M-TRIBES keep working on new features and product enhancements. Here's an overview of what's coming next and what’s recently launched.

🌀Rolling out

Features to become available in the next app versions or with the platform update.

📦 Packages

We're introducing the concept of packages. Soon, customers will be able to create bookings with assigned packages and print shipping labels. Drivers will be scanning packages at stops to confirm package pickup and delivery and dispatchers will be able to flexibly route packages using driver tours.

📍Support for delivery hubs

We'll allow saved places to be marked as a “hub”, which will be helpful when optimizing tours that deliver packages via delivery hubs.

📦 Pickup places for Customers

Customers can now add a Pickup place (Saved place) on the Settings page. The Pickup place is used for uploading new packages.

💼 Support org-managers on the admin members page

We are improving the overview of org-managers by showing them on the admin member page. You can now add and delete them there.

⚙️ Support for vehicle configurations

Vehicle configurations make it easier to manage a vehicle's settings, such as user permissions, vehicle pins on the map and custom behaviour for vehicle bookings. When editing a vehicle admins can choose from previously created configurations, instead of having to manually enter a configuration again for each vehicle.

🎛 Support for vehicle interactions for Admins (new for hailing)

Admins of hailing tenants can now also interact with vehicles via the M-TOOLS Business dashboard. This feature has previously only been available for sharing tenants.


🔜 Coming soon

Features in development.

🚲 Bluetooth support for e-bikes

Vehicle access via bluetooth can be utilised in situations where there's no internet connection.

☑️ Flexible booking end checks (sharing only)

Our sharing apps will support different booking end checks to be done depending on vehicle configurations that can be flexibly defined via the M-TOOLS Business Dashboard.

🎛 Adding the vehicle configurations option for automatic door lock / unlock

Introducing an option to enable an automatic door lock / unlock logic per vehicle configuration

✏️ Enable Admins and org-managers to send drivers offline

Admins and org-managers will be able to send drivers offline from the Dashboard.

🆔 Driver license class validation per vehicle type (sharing only)

A tenant will be able to define which classes must be open on a user's driver license for this user to be allowed to book a certain vehicle type. In other words, a user with only a scooter class on a license won't be able to book a car.

❌ Ability to fail a stop

Drivers will be able to fail a stop instead of completing it, which will mark the stop as failed and will allow dispatchers to re-schedule the delivery.

✏️ Editing bookings and tours after dispatching

Dispatchers will be able to update certain booking and tour attributes after it has been dispatched.


👀 In case you missed it

Previously released features.

🇩🇪 Localized custom content

When creating a booking with custom content via API, tenants will be able to provide localized versions of all the user-facing text descriptions.

💬 Support for Braze in our Driver apps

Braze is a leading customer engagement platform that can be used to create multi-channel marketing campaigns via email, SMS, in-app messages and push notifications. The integration for our Driver apps helps operations managers to interact with their workforce and drive engagement.

💼 Improved organization management

We improved the handling of user roles that belong to organizations (drivers and organization managers). It is now possible to view all drivers that belong to certain organizations and also view all organizations that an org manager has access to.


That's not all — we have more features to come that will improve how you and your customers use the M-TOOLS platform every day.

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